Work with Jeff

I’m always up for exciting new things. Email me at jlinwood (at) to reach me.

Some of my most recent experiences:

  • Taught an in-person workshop on back end development for front end developers at Connect.Tech in Atlanta in 2023
  • Interviewed customers for technical case studies, and then wrote them up
  • Acted as technical product owner for a scrum team working on a Django application
  • Led an intiative to modernize a company’s large collection of open source example projects, got this done well under the deadline
  • Did a revamp of a company’s technical documentation site and expanded it out
  • Taught an online class in Python, Pandas, Jupyter, and machine learning
  • Built augmented reality cross-platform mobile applications for the national parks with Unity
  • Taught an online corporate class in Javascript fundamentals
  • Mentored in-person data science/machine learning group projects for early career technical employees
  • Built an iOS app in Swift for a SaaS startup, working with product managers, designers, and back-end developers
  • Wrote 250 page book about locations and maps with iOS, published by Apress
  • Created a new section of an API vendor’s documentation web site to cover a common set of challenges for developers
  • Coached teams of early career software developers with a Java/Angular/Spring Boot development project with agile sprints
  • Built a SaaS in the fitness space with Ruby on Rails 6 and React