UT Austin Mobile Apps Class

I teach a coding class for beginning programmers at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism in the fall semester, and then I co-teach a mobile apps development class for Computer Science and Journalism in the spring semester. The first years of the classes were iOS only in Objective-C, and then we switched to Swift in 2015. In the most recent versions of each class, students also get a chance to make Android apps.

For the Fall class, here are the syllabi and assignments:

Fall 2019

Mobile Apps Syllabus 2019


Beginning Programming With Swift

Android Assignment

Version Control Assignment

Technology Article Or Tutorial

Final App Project

Weekly Slides

Week 1 – Intro to Class, Intro to Mobile Development and Swift

Week 2 – Programming Languages, Intro to Swift

Week 3 – Swift Basics, Control Statements

Week 4 – iOS UI Development – Storyboard, View Controllers

Week 5 – Storyboards, Outlets, Actions, Maps, Locations

Week 6 – Intro to Android Development, Kotlin

Week 7 – Developing First Android App in Kotlin, Firebase

Week 8 – Halloween App Design Exercise, Version Control, GitHub

Week 9 – Version Control with GitHub, Pull Requests, Writing User Stories

Week 10 – Class Assignment Discussion, Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to Mobile Web

Week 11 – Responsive Design, App Store Review Guideliness, Low Fidelity Design with Balsamiq and Pen and Paper, High Fidelity Mockups

Week 12 – Product Design, User Research, Prototyping/Feedback Exercise in Class

Week 13 – Students gave final app presentations in class.

Fall 2015

Mobile Apps Syllabus 2015

Fall 2014


Mobile Apps Syllabus 2014


Assignment 1: Mobile Application Review

Assignment 2: Beginning UI With Storyboard

Assignment 3: Integrating Multimedia

Assignment 4: Navigation and Structure

Assignment 5: Creating a News Reader App

Assignment 6: Building a Content Creation App

Graduate Students: Privacy Essay

Fall 2013

Mobile Apps Syllabus Fall 2013

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