Books I’ve authored or co-authored

I’ve written a few books over the years. Here’s a list of them, with links to the publisher’s website. Several of these are obsolete, but I’ve included them for completeness. I’m still really proud of the Java Portlets book that Dave Minter and myself wrote - this was a brand new, emerging technology at the time, and we were one of the first ones to write a book about it.

The Professional Struts book was originally published by Wrox, but was later acquired by Apress.

The Pro Hibernate 3 book evolved into the Beginning Hibernate 6 book, which is the latest edition of the book. Beginning Hibernate 6 is the fifth edition, and I’m really happy that the book has been in print for almost 20 years.

Build Location Apps on iOS with Swift, 2020

Build Location Apps cover

Beginning Hibernate 6, 2022

Beginning Hibernate 6 cover

Pro Hibernate 3, 2005

Pro Hibernate 3 cover

Building Portals with the Java Portlet API, 2004

Building Portals with the Java Portlet API cover

Professional Struts Applications, 2003

Professional Struts Applications cover