2024: A New Year!

I’m really excited about 2024 in ways that I haven’t been before. This year, I’m making space to work on projects that I’ve wanted to do for years, but have always come behind either paid work or teaching classes at UT Austin.

I’ll be turning some of my UT Austin classes into free courses, so that others can benefit from them. There’s some translation to go from a one-semester upper division undergraduate course to a self-directed free course, so it’s not as easy as just recording lectures.

I also want to turn my attention to finding new ways of working as a remote team that let team members get into deep work. When I’m on remote teams that use Slack, Teams, or Discord as the primary method of communication, I find it difficult to tune out the noise from the problem I’m actively trying to solve. Others I’ve talked to have similar issues.

I also have some fun projects lined up for myself, so it’s not all super serious for the upcoming year. I want to get back into iOS app development for myself, with no focus on commercial projects. The Deep Dish Swift conference in 2023 really sparked my interest in some of the new things people were doing - I’d been out of the loop for quite a while.