Taught Two Day Class on AWS, Databases and RESTful APIs

I just taught a two day in-person corporate training class that was a basic introduction to cloud development and databases for software developers. This class used Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, MongoDB, and Java 8 for the core technologies. We built a microservice web application with the Spark microframework for Java that provided a RESTful HTTP API, and then deployed it to Elastic Beanstalk.

There was also a fair amount of Python, which is always a fun language if everyone knows it.

It’s also always fun to update courses and see what has changed over the course of a year. The biggest changes were to the S3 web interface (switch back to the old interface if you want to remember how it was), and to Elastic Beanstalk’s getting started landing page (which has about three or four different states). Other things barely changed, like MySQL Workbench and Spark Java. Of course, if everything stayed the same, teaching wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!