New Book! Building Mapping Apps for iOS With Swift

I’m working on a new technical programming book - Building Mapping Apps for iOS With Swift. Many of my UT app teams are working on map and location based apps, and all of them are using Swift as the language for their iOS apps. The first chapter is written, which is always the hardest part of writing a book!

I’m publishing the book on Leanpub, so that you can get access to the book as it is written, and provide feedback as I go along. In the past, when I’d written technical books or articles, it’s a lot of work done behind the scenes, and then a 300 page book ends up on the shelves of the local Barnes and Noble. If we’re lucky, it will sell well enough that the publisher will invest into a second or third edition (like Beginning Hibernate/Pro Hibernate). With the Leanpub model, readers can get started immediately with the book.

Check out the preview book page here:

And sign up on the mailing list to get notified when the book is published. If you have any feedback on topics you would like to see covered, please contact me through this site, or at jlinwood at