Updated Biscotti Labs Web Site

I’d originally built the web site for my mobile app development and training company Biscotti Labs as a very simple static Twitter Bootstrap HTML page.

I liked the idea of keeping the site as a static single page, instead of worrying about keeping another content management system up to date (Wordpress has to be kept updated on a pretty regular basis because of security holes).

I also didn’t like the idea of digging too deep into a CMS theme to get things to look the way I wanted - customizing a Wordpress or Drupal theme can be pretty time consuming, and I don’t really enjoy theme development.

I went with a single page theme that I bought from MediaLoot - my go to place for user interface assets. They have a much better license agreement than other marketplaces, but less selection.

A little customization (including some bear photos my wife and I took during a trip to Katmai National Park in Alaska), and I have a new web site for Biscotti Labs!

The next step will be to optimize the front-end web performance on the web page - out of the box, there are a few things that could be improved with the Javascript on the site.