iPhone Development Training

Meme App for Learn It Meetup

I’m teaching a class on how to make an iPhone app with the Learn It Meetup – as part of the class, we are going to build a Meme app for iOS 7 using Storyboard and Objective-C.

I’m publishing the app on GitHub – – the v1.0 tag is the completed version for the meet up.

Some of the concepts in the app are:

  • View Controllers
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Tab Bar Controller
  • UILabel
  • Creating a View Controller class
  • Using the XCode Assistant
  • Outlets and Actions
  • UIImage and UIImageView
  • Creating a UIImage from a UIView
  • Subviews
  • UITextView
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Working with the Keyboard
  • Using the Camera

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