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Drupal and Mobile Video – Dallas Drupal Camp 2013 – iPhone App and Presentation

Earlier this month, I spoke at the Dallas Drupal Camp about Drupal and mobile video. I’ve worked on a couple of projects for clients this year and last year that involved uploading and displaying videos from a mobile app on iOS and Android. Some of them have used Drupal for the server, others haven’t used Drupal at all. Mobile video can only be done through a native app (or PhoneGap), as HTML5 hasn’t provided support for uploading video through input types yet.

One of the obstacles to using Drupal as a video platform is getting everything set up – even though there are plenty of video modules, it can be tough to set up the Video module with Zencoder as a transcoding solution and Amazon S3 for storage and content distribution. Making this a lot easier if you are either starting from scratch or building out a proof of concept/minimum viable product is Octopus Video (, a Drupal 7 distribution developed by Heidi Software and Symphony Themes. In effect, it’s a private YouTube distribution, which you can then extend using normal Drupal 7 modules and views to become a corporate training video archive, the back-end for a consumer-facing mobile app for cat videos, or whatever you want.

I gave a lightning talk about Octopus Video to the Austin Drupal User’s Group, and everyone there seemed pretty enthusiastic about the topic, so I decided to take it a step further and give a talk on it at the Dallas Drupal Camp this year.

In addition to sharing a lot of tips and tricks I learned from using Octopus Video as the server for a video-based mobile app prototype, I also created an open source iPhone app (Apache-style license) to show off some of the things you can easily do – upload video, display a list of videos from a Drupal video, and then play back videos stored on Amazon S3.

The GitHub repository for the open source iPhone app is here:

This was a quick demonstration project for the Dallas Drupal camp, not extracted from a commercial project, so it’s missing a lot of the extras that would make it a polished app. I’ve added a few of them as issues to the GitHub project, and if I can find some more free time, I’d like to keep moving forward with it.

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I struggled to build a video sharing website using drupa without success. I stumbled on on octupus and follow to the letters the instructions on setting up octupus, with zen, amazon s3, but I couldn’t make it work.
I found out so many people in forums are having the same problems. Regular people not techies, no offense meant. I personally have spent days and days trying to make it work without success.

I saw the pdf you posted, it is exactly what I did.
Could you please make public the content of the presentation you gave about the subject? It will be a help for so many.

If this is not the right venue for this request please just delete it and my apologies.

Thank you


Have you built a Drupal site before? The first step would be to make sure that plain vanilla Drupal installs on the server or web hosting service you are using.

I recommend starting with the 1.0 alpha 6 download. I noticed they just put up a 1.0 beta 1 download, but I have not had the chance to download it and try it out. If the 1.0 alpha 6 works, then you can try out the 1.0 beta 1 download.

Unfortunately, my presentation up in Dallas wasn’t recorded.

Jeff Linwood

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