Drupal 7 Map App Example Project for iPhone and iPad

GitHub Project URL - https://github.com/jefflinwood/Drupal-Map-App-for-iPhone-and-iPad

I like writing native iPhone and iPad apps with Objective-C. What I don’t like doing is writing the same code over and over again - it would be great to have a starting point that I can use again and again. I find myself reusing classes, open source libraries, and design patterns from previous apps when I build new ones.

What I’d like to do is share a starting point for creating iOS applications for Drupal sites running Services 3. Because Drupal can do many different things, this isn’t going to be a general-purpose Drupal client that you can just point to a Drupal server. Instead, it’s meant to be the first 20% of a mobile application project.

I’d like to get feedback from others about how they would use this, and what they would like to see in the project.


This project is an example iPhone/iPad application with a common code base that pulls location-based information about businesses from a Drupal 7 web site, displays it on a Google Map inside an iPhone or iPad app, and then lets you pick a business to display.

Credit to Open Source iOS Libraries used in this App

Drupal 7 Setup

I’d like to bundle all of the Drupal 7 functionality together into a Drupal “app” (different from a mobile app), or possibly just a feature. Basically, the modules you need are:

  • Services 3
  • ctools
  • Geocoder
  • Geofield
  • Views
  • Services Views Address Field

I added a REST endpoint with access to get nodes, and access to get views. I also created a content type called business with an image field, an address field, and a geofield. There’s a simple view that just returns all businesses, but I would like to improve that with proximity search. Unfortunately, the current proximity search solution for Geofield doesn’t seem to let me alter the origin point from the view’s arguments, so there is some work to be done there.

I used the Acquia Dev Desktop to build this Drupal 7 site locally, so I don’t have it up and running on a server just yet.

The URL for your Drupal site is in AppData.m - change the REST URL to match your site’s end point, and change the image URL to match your site’s image directory for large image thumbnails.

Drupal Map App Screenshot


Send them to jlinwood@gmail.com

Or get in touch with me through my web site http://www.jefflinwood.com/ or