My new mobile app company, Biscotti Labs!

Some exciting news - I’ve started a new mobile app development company, Biscotti Labs, to build mobile applications for Drupal sites!

I’m happy to work with existing Drupal sites, or on brand new projects, but my focus is on building out the mobile apps - not on Drupal module development, theming, or site building. I’m looking to partner with Drupal shops and freelancers, not compete with them. I do know my way around Drupal and most key contrib modules, and can even write a module or two if you need them.

I can develop native iPhone/iPad apps with Objective-C or hybrid apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using PhoneGap and HTML5/CSS/JS - let me know if you don’t know which is right for your mobile application strategy. Some factors to consider include budget, desired user experience, internal development skill set, and target audience.