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First chapter of the PhoneGap, Drupal, jQuery Mobile e-book is up!

I’m excited to announce progress on my new e-book on PhoneGap, Drupal, and jQuery Mobile! I gave an interview on using Drupal with PhoneGap to Brian Lewis at Modules Unraveled last month. In addition to the podcast, which I really enjoyed making, I recorded a screencast on setting up PhoneGap, which I hope you enjoy.

The first chapter of my e-book covers the same ground, so I decided to release it as a free PDF, which you can download and enjoy. I’m happy to hear any feedback you have! I also wanted to let people read the first chapter for free, because you need to have a Mac with XCode 4 to follow along with the book, and I don’t want anyone to buy the book if they can’t use it.

Download Chapter 1 (1.1 Megs)

4 replies on “First chapter of the PhoneGap, Drupal, jQuery Mobile e-book is up!”

Hey Jeff, I just to thank you for the insight. I was wondering if there is a possibility of you releasing an android related ebook. Considering Drupal and jQuery mobile would remain relatively the same either way (if I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong), wouldn’t it be possible to follow the ebook (for the drupal/jquery mobile related material, interacting together using phonegap) for use with android? (If indeed the android environment was already using phonegap and jquery mobile, simply the drupal and jq mobile interaction was a large goal?)

Thanks again,

Hi Mark,

I haven’t written a port of the Drupal Plugin for PhoneGap for Android yet, and there isn’t a good JavaScript Drupal client library that I know of, so I don’t have a good story for how to connect Android and Drupal Services yet – it’s something I’d like to focus on, because I feel there are some real advantages to doing it right once, and then open sourcing it.

I’m really trying to avoid a nest of JavaScript callbacks just to post a node while you are authenticated, and it’s certainly possible with just JavaScript – I just haven’t seen a good implementation yet. I’m sure one exists already.


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