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Building Mobile Apps with Drupal – Drupal Camp Austin

I spoke at Drupal Camp Austin about developing mobile apps on top of Drupal. Most of the talk was about PhoneGap, but I also covered configuring the Services module to set up Drupal to serve content to mobile apps.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Drupal as a back-end for mobile apps, and using PhoneGap with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to build mobile apps for Drupal.

The talk was recorded on video, and after it gets posted, I’ll put it up on this blog as well!


Speaking about Mobile Apps at Drupal Camp Austin

On November 19, I’ll be presenting a session at Drupal Camp Austin called Building Mobile Apps with Drupal on how to create mobile apps with Drupal as a back end.

I gave a talk on this topic at Dallas Drupal Days in July, and focused on native app development for Android and iOS , with just a little about PhoneGap for building a hybrid web/native app. Turns out everyone seems to be interested in PhoneGap/HTML5/CSS/JS apps for Drupal, and not so much building native apps. So for this presentation, I’m going to be talking much more about PhoneGap and how to use Drupal with it.

The number one use case everyone seems to have is that they have a Drupal site, and they want their users to be able to take a picture on their phone and upload it. This actually turns out to be pretty straight forward with PhoneGap, a little less so on the Drupal side.

I’m working on the presentation now – it’s not going to be the same as the Dallas one for those of you who have seen it on SlideShare (or in person 🙂 )

Facebook Development

Facebook Open Graph Developer Day 2011

Notes from the Facebook Open Graph Developer Day in Austin on November 2, 2011

Spent a productive day listening to Facebook presentations around the changes and improvements to Open Graph that were announced at f8 2011. Facebook is really pushing for the vision of the Semantic Web that has been around for years, using their Open Graph syntax. Really interesting to see how they are working with nouns, verbs, and aggregations – the new Facebook Timeline is a perfect fit for my EveryMarathon marathon calendar app.

Much of the presentation was targeted to information I’d already seen after setting up Open Graph for marathons, but it was nice to see what Facebook was letting app developers do with Aggregations and Achievements.

Improved authentication dialog:

  • Show the users what Timeline aggregations they’ll be doing
  • Find conversion percentages based on which actions you ask to allow


Can show min or max of items in the array – can also pluralize so, “Jeff has finished 1 marathon” or “Jeff has finished 55 marathons”

Facebook for Mobile:

  • Bookmarks go to mobile web site from, native apps on iOS and Android – configure in your app settings under Native Mobile Apps
  • Open Graph works with both
  • Should be able to publish Open Graph actions to timelines that then point to an existing mobile app or mobile web site.

Next Steps for Mobile Apps:

  • Integrate Single Sign On into native app
  • Create a mobile web app
  • Can use Facebook plugin for Phone Gap for mobile web apps
  • Configure mobile web URL in the developer app
  • Build in your social components

Cloud Services

  • Facebook set this up so that you can publish your Open Graph data on a server so their crawlers can access it