Every Marathon Marathon Calendar iPhone App on App Store

"Every Marathon"

My new app, the Every Marathon Marathon Calendar, just got approved by Apple, and is available on the App Store!

This app came about because I’ve been planning my travel around running marathons on road and trail in all fifty states, and I’ve gotten obsessive about finding all of the most obscure marathons in the US. I kept on going to several different sites from my iPhone, and getting frustrated by the user interface. I’ve been working on my active city guide web site in Drupal, and I’d added about a hundred marathons there already…one thing led to another and I had over 400 marathons!

I certainly haven’t run every marathon in the country, but I’ve finished fifty-one marathons or ultramarathons, including the Race to the Altar Trail Marathon, which I co-race directed! A long way from when I couldn’t even run around the block in 2005!