I’ll be speaking at Twilio’s Signal Conference later today about the Twilio Client Plugin for PhoneGap. Here’s a quick getting started guide (as a PDF) for running the Twilio Client inside of a PhoneGap mobile App. Installing the Twilio Plugin for PhoneGap… Read More

UT Apps Demo day is tomorrow, but the students’ mobile app demos have already gotten some press! First up is Built in Austin, with an article titled 6 apps to debut at UT Austin App Demo Day. Next is burnt x, with Six Apps Made For UT Students By UT Students. I’m really excited for… Read More

The University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism and the Austin American Statesman both sponsored the first Journalism Hackathon, which was a success, especially for a first year event. This was my first time organizing a hackathon – as part of a team including Robert Quigley and R.B. Brenner from the School of Journalism,… Read More

This was hard to find by Googling it, so I’ll put it into a blog post here. Turbolinks is a great page speed optimization technology that is built into Rails 4. With Turbolinks, every page load simply replaces the HTML body tag with the contents of the next page, which means that your CSS and… Read More