For my Drupal 6 web site,  Green Ninja Active City Guides, I have several CCK content types that all have multiple images. Each of these uses the same field, (field_pictures), and I use jQuery Gallery Formatter to create a scrollable picture gallery on my Race, Park, and Trail content types. I’m getting larger amounts of… Read More

As I go through the process of translating my wireframes into CSS layouts, I found a pretty interesting bug/feature with the Drupal 6 theming engine and subthemes. In my case, I was trying to create a node-race.tpl.php for Acquia Marina that contains my custom PHP. I copied node.tpl.php from the Fusion Core theme into my… Read More

Trying to grow a community, user-generated content site is hard. Engaging your users and making them “sticky” requires that you give them some reason to care about your site – once of the best ways to do this is to add some elements of game mechanics to your site. Successes like FourSquare, Gowalla, and StackOverflow… Read More

After reading Head First Web Design, I’ve decided to take the plunge and create pen and paper wireframes for several of my Drupal content types.  I’d initially planned to design-as-I-go for each content type – improving each content type by modifying the node template PHP files in my Acquia Marina theme. This became pretty time… Read More

My problem: I’d like to be able to automatically construct a URL along the lines of and get back a JPEG image that represents that node. Most of my nodes have a field_pictures imagefield that takes multiple images, and they also use imagecache to generate thumbnails. I just want to bridge the gap between… Read More