My problem: I’d like to be able to automatically construct a URL along the lines of and get back a JPEG image that represents that node. Most of my nodes have a field_pictures imagefield that takes multiple images, and they also use imagecache to generate thumbnails. I just want to bridge the gap between… Read More

As part of the Drupal Theming Study Group, we’re taking a look at using the Drupal base theme Zen as the starting point for our themes. The Zen theme isn’t ready to go by itself – you will need to create your own theme and customize that to get a Drupal site up and running… Read More

Drupal 6 does not have web services built in – instead they are part of the Services module. The Services module enables your Drupal installation to provide data to clients such as Flash, Javascript AJAX clients, or in my case, an iPhone application. To use the Services Module, you will have to install additional servers… Read More

This is actually a pretty minor little detail, but it’s something I spent about half an hour getting to work, so hopefully I can save a few people some more time. Most of the examples with Three20 are pretty static – the controller loads the same thing every time, so you can hard-code the title… Read More

One of my projects is working on an iPhone app that will pull its content from a Drupal 6.x installation. Instead of authoring, editing, and publishing content and images in two different places, the iPhone app will use the content directly from the Drupal CMS, using Drupal’s Services Module and JSON. I did some pretty… Read More