Every year, I get the privilege of teaching a class at the University of Texas at Austin (with Robert Quigley) where the students get to decide what mobile application project they are going to bring to life, and how they are going to design, test, build, and market it! This is a really creative class… Read More

It’s the fall semester at the University of Texas at Austin, and I’m teaching my introduction to iPhone app programming class again! This is the third time that I’ve taught the class, and I’m always excited by it. This year, we’ll be using the Swift programming language, and we’ll also be using Auto Layout from… Read More

UT Apps Demo day is tomorrow, but the students’ mobile app demos have already gotten some press! First up is Built in Austin, with an article titled 6 apps to debut at UT Austin App Demo Day. Next is burnt x, with Six Apps Made For UT Students By UT Students. I’m really excited for… Read More