One of the things I like about both Drupal and WordPress is that creating SEO-Friendly URLs is very easy. Instead of having your URL be (or worse,, you can have With WordPress, it’s basically out of the box with permalinks, though I don’t usually pick the default format. Drupal requires an additional… Read More

To go along with my talk at the Lone Star Ruby Conference on Consuming the Twitter Streaming API with Ruby and MongoDB, I’m going to provide some deployment instructions for how to take the Tweeter Keeper ruby script and deploy it on Heroku. Heroku provides a managed platform to run Ruby applications (not just Rails),… Read More

I’m speaking at the Lone Star Ruby Conference today on the Twitter Streaming API. Check out the source code on GitHub – Here’s the slides from the presentation: Consuming the Twitter Streaming API with Ruby and MongoDB View more presentations from Jeff Linwood.… Read More

I just finished an interesting project – the¬†EveryMarathon marathon calendar iPhone app. I’m working on my Active City Guides – and as part of that project, I ended up finding every American marathon. Running marathons is one of my hobbies, as is travel, and I like to combine the two by planning trips around marathons.… Read More