At the end of September, I won the BattleHack competition in Austin with PayPup – a mobile app for our local no-kill animal rescue, Austin Pets Alive. This was a project I’d been thinking about doing for over a year, but I needed that 24 hours to sit down and do it – and bringing… Read More

I’ve been working on a couple different web application projects using Rails 3.2, and they’re now at the point where they need to go onto a publicly accessible development/staging/production platform. The quickest, most hassle-free solution is to use Heroku for deployment – create a Heroku web application from the command line, git push heroku master,… Read More

I gave a talk at the Lone Star Ruby Conference in 2011 on Consuming the Twitter Streaming API with MongoDB. The talk was recorded, but just recently uploaded to YouTube. This was one of the first talks I gave at a professional conference, instead of just a meetup, so I practiced in front of a… Read More