Last year, I worked on a blog post series about building a jQuery Mobile HTML 5 App with PhoneGap and Drupal 7. After getting really deep in the weeds on that project, I ended up with some very complicated JavaScript to manage the creation of Drupal nodes with an authenticated user. That experience led directly… Read More

There’s been a lot of buzz about PhoneGap this month – the project just released version 1.1.0, the open source project is moving to Apache, and the parent company, Nitobi, was acquired by Adobe. PhoneGap provides an easy way to make web pages into native mobile apps by wrapping HTML, CSS, and Javascript with an iPhone,… Read More

I’ve made progress with the Drupal iOS plugin for PhoneGap, and I’m really happy with the results. I’m holding off on writing more posts in the Building a jQuery Mobile App with PhoneGap for Drupal series until I get all the functionality I need into the plugin – I’ve just got to add the file… Read More

PhoneGap iOS Plugin for Drupal v0.1 – Proof of Concept – While working on the Building an app with jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, and Drupal 7 series of blog posts, I found myself writing JavaScript to access the Drupal Services API, using jQuery’s $.post and $.get. This quickly became unwieldy, so I felt like I… Read More

In this post, we’re going to add functionality to take a picture to our jQuery Mobile app using the PhoneGap Media Capture API. We’ll add a button with jQuery Mobile that brings up the mobile phone’s camera. With jQuery Mobile, to make buttons, we can use the <a href> tag with a data-role=”button” attribute. If… Read More