For Earth Day, I took a look at the micro-volunteer site Sparked to find some interesting projects – one of the most interesting was ideas for a mobile app for invasive species education and detection. Here’s some iPhone application user interface mockups I did in Balsamiq:… Read More

Working on a new iPhone app, everything was going smoothly with Three20, following their guide to add Three20 to your application with a Python script. Everything was working smoothly until I wanted to parse some JSON. The script added the frameworks for the other Three20 modules (considered core) to my XCode project, but didn’t… Read More

I’m using the Three20 Additions to UITabBarController for the Green Ninja Active City Guide iPhone app (based on TTNavigatorDemo). This is great, except all the examples I found for tab bar images use the controller to set the tab bar item. With Three20, that didn’t work, so I had to add some code to my… Read More

One of my projects is working on an iPhone app that will pull its content from a Drupal 6.x installation. Instead of authoring, editing, and publishing content and images in two different places, the iPhone app will use the content directly from the Drupal CMS, using Drupal’s Services Module and JSON. I did some pretty… Read More