I’ve made progress with the Drupal iOS plugin for PhoneGap, and I’m really happy with the results. I’m holding off on writing more posts in the Building a jQuery Mobile App with PhoneGap for Drupal series until I get all the functionality I need into the plugin – I’ve just got to add the file… Read More

PhoneGap iOS Plugin for Drupal v0.1 – Proof of Concept – https://github.com/jefflinwood/Drupal-Plugin-for-PhoneGap-for-iOS While working on the Building an app with jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, and Drupal 7 series of blog posts, I found myself writing JavaScript to access the Drupal Services API, using jQuery’s $.post and $.get. This quickly became unwieldy, so I felt like I… Read More

At DrupalCamp Colorado 2011, I created a birds-of-a-feather session on “Going Mobile with Drupal”. There were quite a few of us there, with all kinds of experience – we talked about using jQuery Mobile with Drupal and about connecting iPhone apps to Drupal using the Services module, REST, and either JSON or plist XML. Lots… Read More

I just finished an interesting project – the¬†EveryMarathon marathon calendar iPhone app. I’m working on my Active City Guides – and as part of that project, I ended up finding every American marathon. Running marathons is one of my hobbies, as is travel, and I like to combine the two by planning trips around marathons.… Read More

After going through the first beta testing round for my EveryMarathon iPhone application, several of my friends mentioned that the race details screen was a little…boring. I had the standard UITableView with a grouped style, default background, default controls – pretty dull. One of the easiest ways to brand an iPhone app is to change… Read More