GitHub Project URL – I like writing native iPhone and iPad apps with Objective-C. What I don’t like doing is writing the same code over and over again – it would be great to have a starting point that I can use again and again. I find myself reusing classes, open source libraries, and design… Read More

I had a lot of fun on Saturday entering the Austin API Hack Day held at Hub Austin Coworking in South Austin. I came to API Hack Day last year without a plan or a particular project to create, and then sort of browsed through the InfoChimps and Mashery APIs to find something to create… Read More

Some exciting news – I’ve started a new mobile app development company, Biscotti Labs, to build mobile applications for Drupal sites! I’m happy to work with existing Drupal sites, or on brand new projects, but my focus is on building out the mobile apps – not on Drupal module development, theming, or site building. I’m… Read More

I decided to give my EveryMarathon marathon calendar iPhone app a few tweaks and release an updated version while watching a college football bowl game on TV – easy enough, right? I’d developed the app on my old MacBook Pro using Three20, which is an application framework for iOS. Choices, choices I didn’t have Three20 on… Read More

We’re steadily getting closer to a vision of the semantic web – and it’s being driven by Facebook through their Open Graph Protocol. Open Graph came out in 2010, and it initially supported a large set of different object types and properties (for instance, music, article, book) – very interesting, but there are certainly more… Read More