I won first place at BattleHack Austin – PayPal’s hackathon for developers. BattleHack is a series of competitions all over the world, in places like London, Berlin, and New York. Austin’s was held at TechShop, a great maker space up in Round Rock.    I ended up building a screen scraper in Ruby, an iPhone… Read More

The major feature in the 1.0.3 release is support for the iPhone 5 screen – it’s longer than the iPhone 4 screen, so I had to add a few autoresizing masks to get the content to flow properly. The iPad version remains the same, and it will also work the same on any iPhone 3GS,… Read More

Sometimes it’s fun to just work on a video game. Especially if it’s one for cats. We downloaded and bought all of the cat apps for the iPad, and our picky feline, Mango, got bored with all of them. The game he did go nuts over – Cut the Rope! So I decided to make… Read More

I recently teamed up with Level Ten to create an iPad app for the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. The Kimbell is one of my favorite art museums, so I’m pretty excited about this app! You’ll have to go to the museum to check out the app, because it’s installed on their iPads. From a… Read More