Link to my HTML5 Video Autoplay on iOS Sample App GitHub repo As part of a current project building a large hybrid native/web iPad app, some issues came up regarding iOS 7 and 8 and HTML5 content in a UIWebView with an autoplaying video. This is an area where Mobile Safari differs from the UIWebView… Read More

I co-taught the UT-Austin Mobile Apps class with Robert Quigley in the spring 2014 semester – the class is a collaboration between the Department of Journalism and the Department of Computer Science where students from both departments form teams of five and create mobile apps. Right before the final demo day, one of the teams, Sono, was showing… Read More

I’m teaching a class on how to make an iPhone app with the Learn It Meetup – as part of the class, we are going to build a Meme app for iOS 7 using Storyboard and Objective-C. I’m publishing the app on GitHub – – the v1.0 tag is the completed version for the… Read More

On Wednesday, I got a chance to pitch my six-hour hackathon project to Slash (lead guitarist for Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver), tech blogger (and Startup Liason Officer for RackSpace) Robert Scoble, and the inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen. The idea behind the hackathon was to create an app or web site for artists… Read More

I just ran into an interesting problem with UITableView, editing mode, and ECSlidingViewController. I had an extremely basic UITableView that let the user reorder or delete rows. Everything seemed to be set up fine with the UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource, but the rows wouldn’t drag! Turns out that because I was using ECSlidingViewController to create a… Read More