I’ll be giving a training class on Android development as part of the AppHack Austin hackathon on November 9 from 3pm-5pm. It’s a mobile app hackathon, so you can enter an iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or HTML5 mobile app if you want to. Don’t know how to do any of those? Take my intro… Read More

I don’t have the video of my pitch for PayPup, but here’s an overview video of the BattleHack Austin event – I actually gave three or four interviews to the video team throughout the course of the event. PayPal did a fantastic job with video production – I think a lot of these developer events… Read More

One of the best things about winning PayPal’s BattleHack Austin was to get the word out there about using PayPup as a mobile fundraising platform for animal rescues. I’m happy to work with animal rescue groups who want to adapt PayPup for their own needs – it shouldn’t be too much work to get this… Read More

I won first place at BattleHack Austin – PayPal’s hackathon for developers. BattleHack is a series of competitions all over the world, in places like London, Berlin, and New York. Austin’s was held at TechShop, a great maker space up in Round Rock.    I ended up building a screen scraper in Ruby, an iPhone… Read More