After reading Head First Web Design, I’ve decided to take the plunge and create pen and paper wireframes for several of my Drupal content types.  I’d initially planned to design-as-I-go for each content type – improving each content type by modifying the node template PHP files in my Acquia Marina theme. This became pretty time… Read More

My problem: I’d like to be able to automatically construct a URL along the lines of and get back a JPEG image that represents that node. Most of my nodes have a field_pictures imagefield that takes multiple images, and they also use imagecache to generate thumbnails. I just want to bridge the gap between… Read More

As part of the Drupal Theming Study Group, we’re taking a look at using the Drupal base theme Zen as the starting point for our themes. The Zen theme isn’t ready to go by itself – you will need to create your own theme and customize that to get a Drupal site up and running… Read More

Drupal 6 does not have web services built in – instead they are part of the Services module. The Services module enables your Drupal installation to provide data to clients such as Flash, Javascript AJAX clients, or in my case, an iPhone application. To use the Services Module, you will have to install additional servers… Read More