[Dec. 8,2012 – Thanks to Blair Wadman for  noticing that WordPress ate my – – and turned them into en-dashes, thus confusing anyone reading this!] I’m moving Clutter Puppy – Daily Clutter Tips from static HTML to Drupal 7, but there are quite a few problems I’m running into with theming for Drupal 7, mostly because the… Read More

As I go through the process of translating my wireframes into CSS layouts, I found a pretty interesting bug/feature with the Drupal 6 theming engine and subthemes. In my case, I was trying to create a node-race.tpl.php for Acquia Marina that contains my custom PHP. I copied node.tpl.php from the Fusion Core theme into my… Read More

Trying to grow a community, user-generated content site is hard. Engaging your users and making them “sticky” requires that you give them some reason to care about your site – once of the best ways to do this is to add some elements of game mechanics to your site. Successes like FourSquare, Gowalla, and StackOverflow… Read More