Check it out! I did a podcast with Brian Lewis of Modules Unraveled, and it’s live today on his web site: Drupal and PhoneGap podcast. I had a lot of fun recording the podcast, having never done one before. Also, I went ahead and did a screencast – most of it is setting up a… Read More

We’re steadily getting closer to a vision of the semantic web – and it’s being driven by Facebook through their Open Graph Protocol. Open Graph came out in 2010, and it initially supported a large set of different object types and properties (for instance, music, article, book) – very interesting, but there are certainly more… Read More

I spoke at Drupal Camp Austin about developing mobile apps on top of Drupal. Most of the talk was about PhoneGap, but I also covered configuring the Services module to set up Drupal to serve content to mobile apps. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Drupal as a back-end for mobile apps, and using… Read More

There’s been a lot of buzz about PhoneGap this month – the project just released version 1.1.0, the open source project is moving to Apache, and the parent company, Nitobi, was acquired by Adobe. PhoneGap provides an easy way to make web pages into native mobile apps by wrapping HTML, CSS, and Javascript with an iPhone,… Read More

PhoneGap iOS Plugin for Drupal v0.1 – Proof of Concept – While working on the Building an app with jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, and Drupal 7 series of blog posts, I found myself writing JavaScript to access the Drupal Services API, using jQuery’s $.post and $.get. This quickly became unwieldy, so I felt like I… Read More